Why Richard Allen

Brand Awareness and Strategy

Richard Allen, Inc is the obvious choice for expanding the number of people who know about your brand. Not only do we expand your network, we do it with integrity and always exceed expectations.

Target Marketing

We have done our research and we know the market. We offer direct marketing insights and practical information to help better sell your service, generate more leads, and retain customers.

B2B Marketing and Sales

We hit and exceed projected targets by offering a friendly face, a handshake, and a well trained, knowledgeable representative in the area.

Client Retention

The purpose of our business is to create customers that create customers. We not only want our customers to be sticky, we want them to refer more of their friends and family. Richard Allen, Inc maintains a positive reputation by offering the best quality and quantity to our clients.

Expand Clients Reach into New markets

Growth and Advancement. Our team works diligently to continue developing, training, and mentoring our staff in order to expand into new markets around the U.S. and overseas.

Philanthropy Work

Giving back is a huge part of the culture at Richard Allen, Inc. Charity allows us to be an active member of our community by giving back to organizations that are meaningful to our staff. This also brings us closer together as a firm, which allows for a more productive work environment. Organizations we contribute to include ASPCA, Operation Smile, Toys for Tots and The Salvation Army.